Kevin “Dizzy” Gillispie
Kevin “Dizzy” Gillispie

Kevin “Dizzy” Gillispie

Web Developer

Biography of Kevin “Dizzy” Gillispie:

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and spent my summers in Virginia. I began globetrotting with the US Navy and continued it by teaching English overseas (EFL). Over the course of four decades, I've managed to visit almost thirty countries on six continents (including Antarctica), to live outside the United States for a total of three years, and to circumnavigate the globe twice.

I have worked for a Rock star as an audio engineer, published poetry as a college student, planted a church in Korea as a seminary student, and created a logo for a NASCAR-themed, pork-ribs restaurant.

My wedding ceremony took place on a cruise ship, but my wife and I make our permanent home in Santa Clarita, CA. And now I work for an amazing marketing agency as their in-house web developer.

Somebody, pinch me!

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